Sunday, 24 January 2010

Perfume developments.

Crit on Friday, lots of things were said, and although they were not all good things, I did leave feeling quite enthusiastic.
They hated the one with the hair. Which I expected. While they liked the cover with all the grey figures they agreed it was too scientific, but they really liked my earlier work with the photos.
So this is combining the two...

My main issue with the photos was that there weren't any with enough people in. So using my cunning/debatable photoshop skills, I made a picture with LOTS OF PEOPLE! To hide it's dubious photoshoppery, I turned it on it's side, greyscaled it, and reflected it. Voila! That's a pretty nice cover there, but what about some text, and... how to make those people smell?

Well, it all looked a bit 'clunky' if I just put the text and circles directly onto the image, so to get around this I've come up with a nifty tracing paper overlay, which I think looks really nice. It's stuck just down the spine, and printed with the scent circles and type. Here it is:

When the two are overlaid together, it would hopefully look something like this:

So I made it, and, well, it does.

The competition doesn't end till April, and I want to enter (and WIN!) so I optimistically hope to do something better than this by then.

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