Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Ok, so, I had this dream... and I dreamt that I did a whole project entitled 'M is for mountains'. It also included 'A is for Avalanche' and 'B is for buttons'. That's where the dream ended... but seriously, this was a very insistent dream, it lasted a whole night, and I kept half waking up and feeling the uncontrollable urge to makes notes in my notebook to make sure I wouldn't forget it in the morning. The notes mostly consisted of 'M is for mountain!' in various different degrees of messy handwriting... But anyway, I decided to indulge my subconscious.
'C is for cup' is the weakest, mainly because it wasn't thought up by my sleeping brain. I'm going to have to hope the rest of the alphabet comes to me in another dream.

This makes me sound like some kind of crazy hippy. I don't generally live my life according to what my dreams tell me to do, but this seemed like a fairly harmless one to act out in real life :D

Oh yeah, and everything had to be RED

If you happen to think of words that also look a bit like their initial letters... do let me know.

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