Thursday, 21 January 2010

And now for something completely different.

Today I met Noma Bar who is my new Graphic Design hero.
I showed him my Perfume book jacket, and he thought it looked like a science book. I told him what the plot of the book was, and he said he thought it sounded like a sinister, but sensual book. Which it is. And that my design should reflect this more. Which it should. Then and there he proceeded to sketch out one of his amazing 'negative space' illustrations, involving a nose and a scent bottle and a person, which also conveniently formed a skull. Because the man is a genius.
But unfortunately that was HIS idea.
And, deep down I knew already, but he confirmed to me, I need to come up with something better.
This is not it, but it has killed a couple of hours of the afternoon, and given me a newfound appreciation for hair.

He said something in our lecture this morning about the book jacket being an amazing format, because you have the front, the back and the spine forming one continuous whole, whilst also having to work as separate elements by themselves. (As evidenced in his book, 'negative space') It made me think about my previous design, and how, really, that was three separate elements, but not a whole. Unfortunately, this is a whole, but doesn't really work as three separate elements. i.e. It looks nice when you view it like this, and the back looks nice, but the cover looks a bit rubbish. Boo.

Come ON Emma, this is due in TOMMOROW! Time to pull something amazing out of the bag... any time now would be good, brain.

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