Friday, 12 July 2013


MOAR visual diary!

FYI this cake was WEIRD. And not entirely good.

Tried another self portrait then I got a mini migraine that nearly made me fall off my bike. Boo.

Sorry this year's Brighton illustration and graphic design graduates. The show just... wasn't... that... great. Had fun going round it with Alex on his birthday though.

And I haven't even had a chance to take it off yet!

Decided to go on an ADVENTURE cycle home from work! A Hove adventure!

Alex got a new boardgame but I was more excited about my amazing new crayons.

And now it's gone forever!

Time to spend a couple of pointless hours on Rightmove then...

And with THAT! Off on our Scottish hols. I took a makeshift visual diary and a few pens and bits with me, and managed to do some drawings while I was away. Here are some of them...

This might seem like a fairly unremarkable line drawing, but I'm really proud of the correctness of the perspective going on here. Things are not at the heights you expect them to be, but I concentrated really hard and got this right! Naomi's caravan where we stayed.

This is me, in a beautiful wild garden. Alex took a photo, and I draw this later on with the photo for reference.

This is Alex in Rhi and Stoo's beautiful Glasgow flat. Such amazing huge windows.

There were lots of beautiful purple jellyfish in one of the sea lochs.


And then we came home and I went to Nandos. It was a lovely evening and the food was alright, but... I just don't get why everyone is so crazy for it!

Alex made Elderflower cordial, and it was lovely. But we froze some of it and the bottles shattered and now our freezer is really sticky and full of tiny shards of glass.

June was nice. Now it's time for July!