Sunday, 18 December 2011

OK Stupid

Anyone who reads this blog semi-regularly will be aware of my contributions to Alex's Unstruck project. Every day, he gets asked a question, answers it in under 500 words, and then an illustrator illustrates that answer. I do a weekly illustration for him, but unusually this week I was also asking the questions.

Alex answered the questions in a random order so I wouldn't know which one I was going to get to illustrate. I reckon I got one of the most difficult, but then I always think that.

In the end I quite enjoyed it though. Here it is...

As some of you may know, I've been on OK Cupid for quite a white. That 'quite a while' kind of says it all - it's clearly not proved successful at it's intended purpose, and to be honest, I don't ever expect it to be. All I know is, going on dates with complete strangers from the internet is a very special kind of scary fun, and I've enjoyed the whole experience a lot.

I've also, strangely, enjoyed all the inevitable not so fun bits... Creepy messages propositioning marriage and 'make many babies together', 5 star ratings from thoroughly strange/disturbing men, and some charmingly awkward meetings of not-very-like minds.

So I decided to create some kind of summary of my (and presumably, most other people's) experiences on OK Cupid, and this is it. Click to embiggen.

Oh, and if you're a charming man who thinks we might get along, let's go on a date! :)

(I don't consider this one of my finer graphic design/illustration/artistic moments. But it was fun. So I'm sharing it here...)

Saturday, 17 December 2011

More festivity

Well this is the THIRD christmas card I've designed this year! I guess I've got into the swing of things now. This one is for the company I work for (Kings Colleges), to be sent out to various people.
I ended up doing a whole lot of variations because I couldn't decide which one to go for! So I figured I might as well share them all with you here. I'm still not sure which one we'll choose...