Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Logo stress

This blog is increasingly becoming a place where I say 'Help! Is this any good?!' I guess I'm probably not subjective enough about my own work, but what can I say, after a few hours staring at black circles and triangles, everything just looks... well, like a bunch of black circles and triangles.
These are further ideas around the 'RM' initials. I really didn't want to use them, I wanted to spell out the whole words, but somehow it's just not happening... Every time I try and use the whole words, it just looks too busy...

So anyway, which is your favourite/least favourite, and why?

Ok, I just did these, and without wanting to get too optimistic... I LOVE them. I just think, unlike all the others I've done, they WORK. But as I say, hours of staring at shapes can send you a bit crazy, so what do you think? I think I prefer the right hand one, where the shape of an envelope is less explicit and more implied, and it also leaves the letters clearer to be read - but do you agree? Also, the colour... I love it, but don't think it's quite appropriate. I shall work more on that.

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