Wednesday, 1 April 2015


March has been BUSY. Mostly good busy.

However, those of you who know me well will know how task based my life is. Not being able to achieve all my tasks is UPSETTING.

I saw Ed Milliband IN REAL LIFE. He was right there outside my work. He was taller and more handsome in real life (which isn’t usually the way these things go) but he also looked tired and a little anxious. I like Ed. 

Like, so good. To the point where Alex got a little offended by my refreshed interest in his face. ‘Do you only love me for my glasses?!’

I LOVE a good post day, and when I live with someone who orders as much stuff off the internet as Alex, it’s not often I get MY good post day.

Lots of bouldering drawings. The good days and the bad days. 

There is a LOT of good music this year. (And my hair is getting really long)

Got irrationally emotional when La Choza gave me a burrito rather than the tostadas I’d ordered (and I didn’t notice till I’d got it home). Basically just saying this over and over through mouthfuls of burrito, like a petulant child unwilling to admit that actually it's quite a nice burrito but I'm just really hungry and tired and stressed.

Ever tried to organise a holiday with a largish group of friends? I perhaps got a false impression of how easy it could be after I managed it with little tribulation last year.
BOAT is going ahead in June with an almost totally different group of people to the original plan, and it’s going to be great, but at this point I was just about ready to give up. 

Pizzaface have got a great special on at the moment called ‘The Reg’. I order it with artichokes and vegan cheese instead of the wild boar salami, and the rest is fresh radishes, fennel seeds, fennel, caramelised onions and chipotle chilli, and a squeeze of lemon juice. It’s SO GOOD.


Public service announcement: it’s really easy to make potato farls from scratch.

I feel that I definitely made the most effort for work’s St. Patrick’s day do. (Aforementioned potato farls and by far the greenest outfit.) 

Different holiday. Same stress. (I have to go back to where I grew up for a wedding. So apparently does EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD because I cannot get an affordable place to stay for love nor reasonable amounts of money)

Quite the achievement. I’ve made some bad falafels before, but these were on a whole new level.

Redeemed myself with some great pasta though.

BIRTHDAY! Mostly revolved around eating amazing stuff.

Day-after-birthday ruined by (mostly irrational) letting agent anxiety. Wouldn’t it be nice if they would just put us on a periodic contract so I didn’t have to get paranoid every 12 months that they’ll find some reason to kick us out so they can do up the house and get in loads more rent from wealthier people instead. I got another one of those great pizzas though, and friends made things better.

Veg fest is RIDICULOUS. It was SO busy that I couldn’t even get lunch. At a food festival! All the queues were far too long, but I did buy loads of different kinds of vegan milk chocolate which I’m looking forwards to indulging in once lent is over. Vegfest was so intense and exhausting that I was too tired to do a good climb and nearly fell to my death (slight hyperbole)

Is anyone else watching Indian Summers on Channel 4? It’s basically PERFECT Sunday evening telly. Brooding beautiful people in period costumes with just the right balance between plot and aesthetically pleasing sex scenes.

Onwards to April. Hopefully a good April. With plenty of brooding beautiful people, plot, and aesthetically pleasing sex scenes.