Friday, 1 April 2016

March 2016

March has been a lovely one. It's amazing what a bit of extra daylight can do. (Although I think there's been a lot of other lovely stuff to help it along)

Our friend Lara came to visit from Haarlem in the Netherlands. Sadly she got a horrible cold while she was here, but I think she had a reasonable visit nonetheless, and we very much enjoyed having her.

I really love my nose piercing. But for a little while back there I honestly thought I was going to have to get rid of it because it JUST KEPT ON FALLING OUT. Turns out I was wiping my nose wrong and knocking it out without noticing, so I’ve had to re-learn that. Either that or the stud is just trolling me.

I went back to the Booth Museum for the first time in years. It’s an amazing little museum full of terrifying taxidermy and animal bones and other natural history curiosities. Weirdly, I used to love it, but perhaps it’s because I’m vegan now, or perhaps just older, or perhaps more sensitive, but I found a lot of the taxidermy kind of depressing this time round. I think I just anthropomorphize things too much. Makes me sad to think about those animals trapped in their poses forever, even though I know they’re just inanimate objects now. I do still enjoy looking at the bones and insects though.

My friend Hannah taught me how to make the most simple but amazing vegan brownies. But I’m not telling you how because I’m a meanie.

Wes cooked us a lovely dinner and then persuaded us to play guitar hero and it was pretty ridiculous fun although he is insanely good at it, and I was just chugging along on easy level while he shredded like a pro. Still enjoyed it a lot though.

Desk detritus.

“Some people made ‘whoop’ noises during my freestyle today, have I ‘made it’?”
Answer: probably not, because I’ve missed two weeks of dance since this and have probably forgotten it all.

We had a St. Patricks day lunch last year and it was excellent, but there isn’t a huge variety of Irish food to choose from, so this year ‘green food’ was added into the mix. I made a soda bread (moderately successful but too sweet) and a delicious giant cous cous and green veg salad, which, if I do say so myself, was excellent.

Ask me about the blood (that is no longer) in our freezer. Go on. I dare you.

Have you ever tried these things?! OH MY GOODNESS. (Even if you’ve tried other nakd things, these are like 100x better than anything else they make)

I always get travel anxious but in the end I had a SUPER FUN birthday weekend... on Thursday 24th I travelled up to London and went to see Battles (who were great), on Friday and Saturday (my birthday), I went to Mike Meyer's 'Better Letters' signpainting workshop... However because I was super busy and/or tired on these days I didn't really do them justice with visual diaries...

Then on Sunday 27th I had a wonderful birthday lunch with friends at Mildreds Kings Cross, and in the evening went to see At The Drive-in at the Roundhouse which was basically a teenage dream come true and they were incredible.

And then when I got back to Brighton on the 28th, I had a pizza party with lovely Brighton friends to celebrate lent being over. Mmmm, pizza.

We’ve been playing “Life is strange”, it’s pretty wonderful, if you’ve got a few hours to spare.

April's looking promising so far, although please tell me when we're all going to grow out of April Fools Day. Next year? Please?