Saturday, 3 July 2010


A little update.
I'm pleased to say that I am BUSY! And that is what I strive for in life.

And this week, busier than I'd anticipated!
On Friday 25th, D&AD held their first ever 'creative chat roulette' event. To summarise, a whole selection of designers, from juniors right through to senior creatives, recent graduates, and current students, all logged on at once, and were randomly connected up, chat roulette style. (Except with less penis.)
I probably spoke to about ten people over the course of an hour... Some lovely, some scary, some funny, but all thoroughly worth speaking to. It was quite intimidating though, and when I'm intimidated, I tend to compensate by being ridiculously over cheerful. Lots of 'HIIII!!!' and hand waving.
My main motivation in doing it was to invite people to our London degree show (More on this in another blog post soon to come...) and invite people I did.

After the chatting was over, I collected up all the e-mail addresses I'd collected, and contacted them all individually, inviting them to our show.
Little did I expect an e-mail back just shortly after from Simon Manchipp, of SomeOne... wondering if I'd be up for an internship with them, starting on the Monday!
Totally out of the blue, but, um YES!

So I've spent the last week up in London, in their delightful office near Old Street. It's been a wonderful week... In all honesty, they were a bit out of my league, in terms of sheer awesomeness... in dating terms, like if I suddenly started seeing Johnny Depp :D
I've learnt a LOT in my five days, and was very pleased that they actually invited me back at the end of the week. Unfortunately due to other work commitments I can't go back this week, but I really hope to head back up there at some time in the not too distant future!

Anyway, the only downside to the week was the commuting. It's kind of a mixed thing, because I'm a bit of a train nerd, and generally love travelling on trains, BUT... when it's at 7am, every day for a week, and not getting home till after 8 in the evening... it does take it out of you somewhat.
So I made a little film to document my experience of heading home from London after a long day, when you're feeling tired and dazed, and the sun is still shining on beautiful summer evenings.
It's not the most amazing film in the world, but I quite like it.

Watch it here