Friday, 23 September 2011

Hope and Social

Well now. This is a nice thing which I have enjoyed very much.

A few months ago I had a lovely email from a man called Simon who is in a band called Hope and Social. He nicely asked me if they could use one of my illustrations for their album artwork, which I agreed to, since he seemed like a nice chap.

Anyway, at the time he mentioned that they liked my work, and would, at some point, like to ask me to produce a poster for their next tour.

Well, I love music, and I love designing related to music, so this was a delight.

So that time came around, and after a few hours crouched on my living room floor over this...

I ended up with these.
You should DEFINITELY full view at least one of them. Go on.

They're getting them printed to sell at their shows, as a limited edition. Initially we were going to do ten of each colour way, but due to financial restraints we're just going with 40 of one colour in the end, the orange one. It's going to be printed on a lovely recycled stock, and I cannot WAIT to recieve mine in the post - not to mention meet the guys at their London show.

If you're in the vicinity of any of those places on the appropriate dates, you should definitely go along. And buy a poster ;)