Monday, 29 December 2008

Cut here.

Rubbish quality, really need to learn how to export indesign files.
Just something I was thinking about.

Friday, 26 December 2008

Christmas thinkings.

Some christmas baubles.
For our brief, what does christmas mean to you?
Christmas for me is memories, but I'm afraid that for the last couple of years, my christmas has consisted of memories from the past, and disappointment that the present no longer lives up to those. (Haha, present, no pun intended...)
So this is all about creating new memories. Not memories of sparkle and childhood delight, but new memories, of cloudy windows, dark nights, memories every bit as poignant as the ones I formed as a child, but more realistic, more easy to attain,
This is about throwing out the childhood decorations of tinsel angles, halos, glittery bits of paper... and creating some new, more sophisticated decorations.
The decorations are a metaphor for my memories.
Oh dear, that does rather sound like a load of pretentious nonsense.

The colours in a couple of the images look really strange on the laptop I've uploaded them on... I really hope it's just a badly calibrated monitor and not something I've done wrong in saving them...

Saturday, 20 December 2008


Was Delightful.

Coin brief!

This is a project I've been working on for the designer Matt Dent, who I met late on this term. He is the designer of the new coins for UK, and rather wonderfully, he not only went to the same uni as me, but also to the same college... AND secondary school. Coming from North Wales, and having never met another established graphic designer from the same background as me, this was quite exciting, But yes, he came to lecture at uni, we met and chatted, and he gave me a brief to give a try - to do some coin designs, for an olympic celebration coin - an actual brief that was issued by the royal mint some time ago.
Tough, because the two pound coin has to include the horrible 2012 olympics logo, the olympic rings, the text 'London 2012', and some reference to both chinese and british culture, and the handover. All in a circle less than 3cm wide!

Ah well. I've tried. Here are soem preliminary drawings.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Cold War Modern.

I drew over a hundred of these. This is a random selection. Some bad, some slightly better.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Foggy Windows.

One of the good things about winter... lights through condensation.

Trying to blog!

Mmm, cherry laces.

Well, everyone who's anyone seems to have a blog.
I actually already have two, one of which has existed since 2004... but both have somewhat died a death in recent times, and neither were really of any artistic merit.
I want a way of showing the world what I do artistically that isn't deviantart (which is a bit unproffesional), isn't flickr (no one seems to look at it), isn't redbubble (Who's heard of that, after all), and isn't my own website (Not really ready to commit to that.)

I've been searching for sometime for some way of having an effective online presence, and this may or may not be it. We shall see.

Screenprint thinkings.

For a while, I thought I was going to get a screenprint induction where I'd actually get to print an idea, a design of my own. Turns out, we're just going to get a demo now, but these were what I produced before I found this out. They're based on a sculpture I made on foundation, which I still love. Above is the first printing layer... Below is the second...

And here is what I invisage the final thing to look like. Some nice blues, I think.

Getting a bit festive.

Getting a bit festive...
Nasty JPEG quality.

I enjoyed making these on a day snuggled up on the sofa with a horrible cold. Made them into cards, which I got printed at high quality (Not these horrible versions, for some reason blogger doesn't seem to like them)... On reflection though, I'm not so pleased with them for some reason.
Ah well.

The Letter O.

I've been thinking about the letter O recently, and it's dubious relationship with the circle. In a workshop with Emmi Salonen I took this further and considered the possibility of pin badges. I'd like to make these into a range of pin badges, then wear them on a top in a row down the middle, like buttons.

A Year of Brighton

Click to view big.

So... this is quite poignant to me... I'm not sure how strong it is as a piece of work, but it's an idea for a new project, which involves making a batch of limited edition books around a subject of our choice.

I've been living here in Brighton for a year now, I've been through so much, it feels like forever, but it's been an amazing time, and I'm really looking forwards to another year.

I've decided I might like to produce a book entitled something like 'a year in brighton', based around a set of photographs, one per month.

Although I've not been submitting much, I've still been taking pictures, a lot, and looking back through them brings back such strong memories. Even though these images may mean much less to the onlooker, I still really hope they express a feeling, and a mood, which sums up that month in the best way possible.

The months run as follows:

September October November
December January February
March April May
June July August

Enjoy, I hope.