Saturday, 26 November 2011


Another one for Alex's Unstruck project...
Retrospectively, I think I prefer the circle to the heart (which you can see if you click the link)... but I do too many circles. I enjoyed the texture making, even if I'm not pleased with how it relates to the text of the piece. It's always an experiment.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

I'm sorry. More early festive creativity.

I'm not actually feeling particularly christmassy, but as I'm trying to have a thrifty christmas, it makes sense to try and use some creativity to save money.
So no nasty plastic ribbons for me this year, oh no! I'm going to print out these and stick them on presents instead. I'll wrap the presents in simple brown parcel wrap and hopefully these will jazz them up a bit. I might even print them off onto some slightly thicker card and use them as tags to write names on.

Monday, 14 November 2011

I'm sorry. I know it's too early for Christmas

But this is for a competition!
The excellent Stack Magazines are running a competition to design a Christmas card - the only criteria is that it had to be A6 and include magazines in some way.
So here's my entry.

Gosh I hope I win. £250 would come in very handy right now, and I would LOVE a subscription for next year.

I'm being super selfish and not even linking to the competition because I'm worried one of you will go over there, enter it, and do something better than me. (Ok, that is selfish. Go on then.)

Quiet time

Here's something I've been meaning to do for a while...
I go to church, and have been going to this particular church for a few years. It's a beautiful building, and every Wednesday it's open for the general public to go in and have a look. Importantly (to me, anyway), there's no pressure from whoever is supervising the church - it's not a evangelical 'COME JOIN US!' sort of atmosphere - it's just a friendly welcome for whatever that person might need... Be that prayer, quiet time for thought, or just a place away from the rush of the city centre for a few minutes.

There's been talk for a while about getting an A-board to stand outside, so that people know the church is open. Now, let's be honest... churches are not renowned for their amazing graphic design. In fairness, my church does a fairly good job as keeping things simple and understated, so I'm not about to storm in there and start insisting we use Helvetica for all the orders of service.

But I thought it might be a nice thing to design a big, bold message for the A-board. I don't expect this will be used. And even if they are interested, I will probably work on something more than this. This is a first draft, I guess.

I've done two colour schemes, and I'm not sure which is most appropriate, although I definitely prefer the second one :)

Friday, 4 November 2011