Monday, 31 July 2017

July 2017

It's one of those months where the beginning of the month feels like a very long time ago.

At the beginning of the month, I was in wonderful London, with Michael. He humoured me by letting us go for dinner at the current hottest vegan joint, Temple of Seitan, the UK's first vegan fried chicken shop (yes yes yes I know it's not actual chicken, I am going to carry on calling it chicken whether you like it or not). It was UTTERLY WONDERFUL and it's a good job I don't live a lot closer because I would be eating there way too much. Those buffalo wings. SWOON.

The main reason I went down to London was for my great Aunt's 90th birthday party. The last time I saw her was at her 80th birthday, which was at the same hotel, with the same people, we were all just 10 years younger. A weird sense of time passing. It was gloriously sunny last time too. But my life was very different. Spent most of it vaguely thinking about how the last 10 years have been, and still failing to do very well at socialising with family.

I had a couple of work related meetings in London (check me out), a little bit of a bad tummy, and was travelling down to Brighton from London, so my day on that Monday felt a little stressful, but also broadly good. It's hard to explain, but I always feel like I experience life in the city more vividly/physically somehow. Was thinking about all the things I'd been reassured by that day when I was feeling stressed.

And then back to Brighton again for a couple of days work. Walking along by the sea near Palmeira Square might be my favourite place forever.

And then, train home. I really enjoy the journey from London to Leeds.


Sometimes I feel like my life is nothing but work, walking Charlie, domestic tasks and sleeping... sometimes this bothers me, but it's mostly okay. TBH not even sure what I'd do with free time if I had it now... (Not really, I have so many exciting things I can't wait to try and find time for!) (And also, clearly I do get to do some other fun stuff, I'm just being a moan-bot)

One of those sad rain, sad tummy days that can only be redeemed with potato waffles, beans and sausages.

I'm not very good at faces. (Woohoo, Martin came to visit!)

My first print fair! On Saturday 15th I had a table at Hebden Bridge Print fair, having been screenprinting and lino printing and zine-making in preparation for months now! It was a rainy day, and tbh I think a little poorly promoted, but I made my table fee back and then some, and I met some interesting people, so it was totally worth doing.

Collage made from some of my prints and some offcuts of scrap paper from the Egg Factory where I did my print making.

One side effect of all the damn rain is that it is SO GREEN here at the moment.

Yeah yeah yeah more of that countryside

Countryside which I am seeing a LOT of, thanks to a certain doggo friend of mine. (Add me as a friend on Fitbit, MARVEL at my outrageous step-count)

I really love poppy seed heads. As a kid I used to love tipping them up and seeing all the seeds skitter out into my hand (and, like russian roulette, occasionally an earwig would be living in there)

It still doesn't look like Justin. But one day I'll capture an accurate likeness...

Guyyyyys I made some lovely tea towels and you can buy them here if you'd like! Me and Alex are going away next week so I'm going to start properly promoting my shiny new Etsy shop when I get back. I'll try not to be too tedious about it, promise.


Okay slight hyperbole

30 on the 30th! Celebratory lasagne, best orange cake, and unusual midnight torchlit ritual...

On Justin's actual birthday there was a beer festival AND a gin festival but sadly this was TOO MUCH and only beer festival was achieved. Beer festival, big breakfast, long walk and tasty Indian food though, so pretty good, I hope.

On we go to August. More sun would be nice, but I'm going down to London and Brighton again which makes me happy, and I'm feeling cosier here with every month that goes by. (A little too cosy right now, Charlie is asleep on top of me and there's a duvet and my feet are hotter than the centre of the sun)