Wednesday, 12 January 2011

One Static Slice

You know what? I've had a GOOD DAY!
You know why? Because I've been offered a job. And not just any job, an actual design job. People are going to pay me to do design. I am actually going to be living the dream.

I can't even express how much this means to me. Of course I won't be completely happy until I've actually been doing the job for a couple of months, and confirmed in my mind that the whole thing hasn't just been one horrible mistake, but... today is a very happy day. I'm not even very coherantly able to express how good this is.

But anyway. Smug though I am, this blog isn't just about the job. I had the pleasure once again of illustrating for the Unstruck blog, and there's a little explanation of that in my previous post here

Todays subject matter was something quite different to last time, and not entirely easy to visualise, but I tried my best. You can view the post in it's entirety HERE
And my illustration...

I was particularly struck by the lines:
"It is probably more reasonable to assume that everything is so complex that we cannot understand on any level the effect of any action we take. We live in a complex iterative system, each moment built on the moment before. There is an effectively infinite amount of information in each instant of the universe’s existence. The whole universe, in one static slice."

So this is 'One Static Slice', if you like.
The image is constructed from photographs I've taken during the past few months, which to anyone else mean nothing, but to me all bring back strong memories of a particular time or place - even from the tiny abstract fragments used here. I thought this suited the subject matter - our actions, and how they can lead to different outcomes.

I enjoyed this. I think my good mood helped. Nothing can get me down! (Although my toilet cistern is broken, and refilling it with a bucket every time is starting to get just slightly annoying.)

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