Wednesday, 19 January 2011


When I was in second year of uni I did a project which involved keeping a 'visual diary' every day for a few months. Basically this involved producing some kind of visual representation of each day, every day. Some days it's an amazing opportunity to be creative, and other days it's just a massive hassle and you're totally not in the mood.
Come the end of the project, the 'massive hassle' side won out, and I stopped doing it.

But a couple of months back I decided it was time to start it up again... It takes a lot of motivation, but some days it can be a really good thing to just set aside half an hour to produce something creative which is totally unrelated to any other projects you've got on the go. And if it's rubbish... Well, no one else has to see, and hopefully tomorrow something better will happen.

I figured I'd scan in a few days to show you. I suppose it's meant to be a private thing, but originally when we were producing them at uni we had to show them to the other members of our class, so it's never really been that way for me. (Although I did pixelate out a couple of bits. You can speculate as you like there - maybe they're bits about my sordid love life, maybe they're bits about my digestive health. You'll NEVER KNOW! Haha!)

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