Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Why are dogs hearts so true?

I guest illustrated for Alabaster C's Unstruck blog/article collection/experiment today.

He answers a randomly submitted question in under 500 words and in under 30 minutes, then hands his answer over to an illustrator to illustrate, also in under 30 minutes.
How he manages to do this every day I have no idea, but I agree it's a great way of forcing creativity on a regular basis. (Although some would argue that's not possible, I disagree, I keep a visual diary of my own for that exact reason.)

Anyway, you can see it HERE

And here's my illustration.

I like dogs. This illustration turned out a lot creepier than I originally intended, but as I said earlier,
"I still think it reflects what's being said about bonds in the doggy community, making contact, the idea of the pack and reinforcing connections."

(Click to fullview, it looks better I promise)

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