Sunday, 9 January 2011

Just some stuff and suchlike

Here are some things which I can't talk about, but I figure I might as well show you, as they make absolutely no sense out of context. They're probably not even appropriate for the brief, but I like them, so here we go. (Also I hadn't posted a blog since LAST YEAR, which is most remiss of me)


Now generally I try and keep this blog to my own work... I've considered starting a Tumblr, because there is so so much awesome stuff on the internet, but in all honesty, sometimes I think the internet is a bit like a big snow globe. It's all just the same flakes (i.e. web content/ideas) in there, they're just being shaken about a bit (i.e. reposted repeatedly by different people in different places).

Is that a good metaphor? Possibly not. But anyway, here's a couple of things that have really inspired me in the last couple of days that I wanted to share with you.

I picked up Tyondai Braxton's album yesterday with no knowledge of him other than that he used to be part of Battles. I listened to it walking along by the sea a few hours ago, and it's safe to say this is epic stuff. Cinematic, magnificent, like Battles but with a full orchestra... the kind of music that makes you feel like you're achieving something worthwhile just by walking briskly along to it. I listen to a lot of new music, and I won't claim that this is the best album I've ever heard, or even the best album of the last few months, but it's something a bit different, and like I say, it made me feel purposeful and worthwhile, which I guess means I've got my money's worth by anyone's standards.

Secondly, there's this.
I know, I know, 47 minutes is a long time in this age of fleetingly short attention spans, but... I think it's worth it. One of the few aspects of our cultural and critical studies lectures which I found interesting was the concept of the flaneur in a foreign city, and aimless wandering is something which I actively seek out - you never know what you might find. This seems to document that process of walking, memories and experiences beautifully, I think. I'd love to see it in real life. It's on in New York at the moment, so if I happen to have any readers in New York... you should really go along.

DUTCH A/V from Tommy Smith on Vimeo.

Thirdly and finally, I got the book talked about in this article for Christmas, and it's just great. Jason Munn's poster designs are just incredible, and I'd highly recommend giving the whole article a read for some fascinating insights into design process. I've been feeling a bit creatively blank since Christmas, and just looking through that book reminded me how much I care about good design, and how important it is that I keep striving to do better! I'll probably never get to the standard I aspire to, but keeping trying is the most important thing.

'Keeping trying'. That doesn't sound grammatically correct. On that note... I shall call a close to this new blog, FIRST OF 2011!

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