Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Face fail

I really need to stop being smug about my new job. But it's difficult not to be when I'm being paid to do such interesting stuff on a day to day basis.
Today I travelled up to London with one of my new co-workers, Wayne. Amongst other things, he's a photographer. A proper good one.

One of the delightful things about working where I work is that we use pretty much no stock imagery. This means that my days of wading through Getty images looking for exactly the right shot of 'happy young people lying on grass with laptops' are over. Now, if I want that picture, I nicely ask Wayne, and he'll go and take it. And it'll be a darn sight nicer and less tacky than standard stock imagery. It's such an outrageously sensible way of operating that I can't imagine why anyone would do it any other way.

Anyway, our mission for the day was to travel to one of the company's colleges, and take lovely photographs of all the staff for the website. Well, I say 'our' mission... Actually, Wayne's mission. My mission was to WATCH AND LEARN. Yeah!

Anyway, in the course of our travels we got to ride on a tram. Any regular readers of this blog might remember that I get pretty excited by trams. IT'S LIKE A BUS AND A TRAIN AND IT TRAVELS ON ROADS AND TRACKS. Madness!

My only previous tram experience was in Budapest... While that was very exciting, I was distracted by a myriad other things, like the sights of a new city, amazing company, and SNOW.

However today, I got a ride on a tram through South London, and Wayne decided he would humour me by capturing my childlike delight on his very expensive camera. Unfortunately it was something of a bad hair day for me, plus I have a chronic case of bad-camera-face... So it's not amazing, but seriously... check out that depth of field. Hot stuff.

Anyway, we then proceeded to the college, where I got to meet lots of lovely new people and desperately tried to make a mental note of all their names. The only one I really remember was Emma, because she was lovely. And also because she has the same name as me, which always helps.

A couple of shots were taken to test the light with me as the subject. The focus on these is so gorgeous I wanted to share at least one, but... I am REALLY not good at pulling nice faces for pictures. Dear dear.

I'll post something creative real soon. Promise.

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