Monday, 2 February 2015


As aforementioned, I've been sportsing like THREE TIMES A WEEK this January, which is pretty crazy for someone who hates sportsing so much. Because this is a chunk of my time which previously was not filled up, I've been feeling a little stretched and squeezed this month. Good for my health it may be, good for my smug sense of time management, it is not. I worry that visual diaryings have suffered a little. I still do 99% of them on the day, but I think the ones on bouldering days are sometimes a little shoddy because I'm tired and it's bed time. Oh well. Onwards!

Cycled to Southwick. Went to get a train back. Cat by the ticket machine. Hi cat. Oh you’re nice cat. [crouches down] [cat climbs onto shoulders] [sits on the floor being snuggled by cat] [misses train] [doesn’t care]

First bouldering adventure! As much as anything else, it’s quite an aesthetically pleasing sport, although I’ve not especially done that justice here.

The quality of this one is pretty terrible, but I want you all to know how super psyched I am by my brand new flat, non-jiggling boobs. SO SUPER PSYCHED YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA. I ran down the street the other day while I was wearing it (a rare occurrence) and halfway through the run I broke out in an uncontrollable massive grin because I hadn’t felt that good running since pre-pubescence. Feel pretty ridiculous putting off buying one all these years. I don’t even need to be doing sports to justify wearing it. Downside: feel about as sexy as raw bread dough in a bin bag when I take my top off.

Can you tell I started bouldering and also bought myself four new brightly coloured posca markers this month?

My school friend Gareth came to visit. We walked along cold bleak Shoreham beach and talked about life.

Nearly two and a half years of cycling! I guess I've done well. Obviously it happened in the dark, in the rain, when I was in a rush to get somewhere. OBVIOUSLY.

Vic’s moving to Bristol, which is exciting because Bristol is great and Vic’s great so they’ll go well together, but sad for us.


Some days. You know. It happens to the best of us.

And now Justin is leaving too! Fortunately Justin is coming back, he’s off to India until May for PHD business. Still. We’re a housemate down. Just me and Alex left in the house by ourselves like a proper grown up couple. WEIRD.

NOT YOU TOO NAT! Sadly Nat is gone permanently, on to big exciting things in Manchester. I’m a little jealous, if I’m honest, and sad she’s gone, but you know. Internet. The internet is magic and friends can stay friends despite geography.

Broke myself a bit, in a number of ways. Bodies don't bend in the ways you expect them to sometimes, do they?

We picked this pumpkin like 3 months ago. Alex and Anna finally teamed up and cooked it, and... it was kind of gross, but GARDENING! Still quite proud.

WHY IS EVERYONE I LOVE LEAVING. Ok that’s a slight exaggeration but still. Fortunately Hannah is another super brainy PHDer, and isn’t gone for good, but most likely when she gets back from her adventures in the Pacific Islands, she’ll be relocating to London. Sad face. But exciting adventures for all my friends who are leaving. Sort of makes me crave an adventure too…

Still, we’re going for a long weekend in Torquay next weekend, wahaaaay! (not even being entirely sarcastic)