Friday, 30 January 2015


So, in a fit of unusual determination/new-year-motivation, I have now been SPORTSING regularly for nearly a month.

At no point in my life before have I managed any sort of committed exercise for more than about 3 days running. I went trampolining once a week for a few years, but fairly early on it became apparent that I was never going to reach these sort of heights, so I eventually gave up...

In the last couple of years, I've also started cycling, but it's only occasional relaxing rides along the flat coastal path, or short trips to run errands, not any sort of exerting exercise.

But a few people I know have recently been getting pretty excited about indoor bouldering. I figured I'd go along and give it a try, and was surprised and disconcerted to find that I didn't hate it.

I decided, extravagantly, to invest in a month's membership to Boulder Brighton, and some cheap climbing shoes, in the hope that financial investment would inspire commitment. Possibly not the most advisable strategy, but remarkably, it's actually worked, so far. Money, apparently, can buy you a sense of guilt-induced motivation.

Despite the cold, dark, January weather, I've been dragging myself over to Boulder Brighton three times a week for around an hour at a time. And good news! I still don't hate it, I have lots of tiny gross callouses on my hands, and I'm now better at climbing things than I previously was. (I'm still pretty rubbish, struggling clumsily up the easy routes, but there has been progress, which is satisfying)

Anyway, this blog is arbitrarily meant to be about creativity, and all that was just prelude to THIS:

Boulder Brighton are having a t-shirt competition! And I was persuaded to enter by my friend Jess, on the condition that if I win, she gets one of my 5 free prize t-shirts. Good deal.

I don't think I'm likely to win, because I suspect there are some other big creative talents at the bouldering wall, but, as these sportsing types always say, it's not about winning, it's about... playing the game... drawing the drawing... something like that.

ANYWAY. I'd wear it!

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In Which I said...

Ooh, that sounds fun - or at least, interesting! I'd like to try it out one day.