Thursday, 7 October 2010

I think I'm in love with Wired Magazine

Funny the games life plays with you. My last blog was about going out with cool people and playing with lego...

This blog is about... well, going out with cool people and playing with lego. Except different cool people and different lego.
Well, I say different lego... at the Creative Review Tweetup, the grand prize for the evening was a lego construction kit of Tower Bridge. (Ages 16 and up!) I didn't enter my name, because frankly the thought of it intimidated me.

But today, fate led me into the arms of a legoey tower bridge destiny, as I joined Wired Magazine over at their HQ on Old Bond Street for some construction action.

This came about thanks to my internship with World of Interiors magazine (which is still delightful by the way!). World of Interiors and Wired magazine are both published by Conde Nast, who also publish Vogue, Glamour, Home and Garden, Easy Living and others.

Wired's test Editor sent an e-mail round all of them, asking whether anyone had any interns spare to come over and help with a feature they were doing about construction kits targeted at adults. Mainly Lego. And because the guys at World of Interiors are awesome, and could sense my palpable enthusiasm, they let me have the day off to go and join Wired.

So this morning I strolled over to Old Bond Street, and was sat down at a big red table with five or six other interns/boyfriends/random people drafted in to help. We were presented with a lego Taj Mahal (6000 piece, age 14+), lego Tower Bridge (5000 piece, age 16+), and a crane construction kit which wasn't made out of lego.

I decided to take on my old nemesis Tower Bridge (mainly because another intern had already got going on it a previous day). After two hours hard graft (which admittedly consisted mainly of rummaging through 5000+ tiny pieces of plastic for 'One of those beige thin ones with only three bobbles and a twiddly bit at the end') I had made remarkably little progress.

 (Pic stolen from Wired)

Although it was delightful fun, it was also quite frustrating, and reminded me just how little patience I had for lego as a child. Fortunately I'm an adult now, so I manned up, and stuck it out all the way through till I had to leave at 5.30 for my train! That's 6 solid hours of legoing! Probably more than I'd ever clocked up at any other point in my life!

I didn't see Tower Bridge finished, or the Taj Mahal, although have since seen pictures posted by Wired of the plastic crane lifting the final piece of the Taj Mahal into place.

It has been a delightful day, the main realization of which being the Wired are AWESOME (although I already knew that) and I would actually love to work there. (Despite knowing that not every day involves lego!)

My internship with World of Interiors finishes tomorrow... it's been a lovely month, I'll be sad to go! Special mentions for Mark Lazenby (Who originally got me the internship) and Liam Stevens (who has been incredibly patient with my various photoshop trials and tribulations), both incredible illustrators in their own right.

After this, onwards to the rest of my life!

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Anonymous said...

Best blog post EVER. But did you finish the tower? And what were Wired planning to do with the Lego after?

P.S: I would LOVE to work for Conde Nast, put in a good word for me :P