Saturday, 9 October 2010

And now for something altogether more creative.

Here's a little project I've been working on... not going to say exactly what or who for yet, but I've been commissioned to illustrate a 'green man'. My initial instructions were three colours only. I approached it in the way that seemed most logical to me, and produced these three initial ideas.

The client asked for something darker and more abstract, so I changed them slightly to these two variations.

The client still didn't like them, and I was on the point of giving up, but decided to attempt something never done before by me... a 'painting' in photoshop! Around 6 hours and 28 layers later, I came up with this. Honestly... I don't like it as much as the vectors, it's no longer only three colours, but the client is happy with it, so there we go! (And as my first time ever using brushes and suchlike, with no tablet and what is widely acknowledged as the worlds fastest tracking mouse... it can't be too bad.)

The client asked that I add some extra leaves in either side... and possibly this is the finished product.

And there's an insight into something of an unusual project for me. Oddly enjoyable though, and certainly took me out of my comfort zone...

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