Thursday, 11 March 2010

That's too much maths for me.

Mission: 'Lets measure some decibels!' got underway today, when I finally managed to acquire a decibel meter.

That's right guys... my house is quieter than the library.

Anyway, I took this thing out and about with me today, and spent an hour in three different locations. (I plan to do two more tomorrow.)
Basically, I'm trying to measure noise levels as we go about our day to day lives... I guess the point I'm trying to make is that we're never in silence... and that we should listen and appreciate the noise around us more.

And I tell you what, after an hour sat in a library, an hour riding the bus back and forth, and an hour in a park, I've certainly got a new found appreciation for sound.

I've graphed my findings in a circular manner... the concentric circles represent decibel levels... But it turns out that decibels increase in a logarithmic manner, which would be impossible to graph, so I've been inventive with the scale - it still represents that kind of increase, but on a managable scale. I like to think that as an artist I'm allowed a bit of... well, artistic licence. And these still represent the facts pretty accurately.
The straight lines represent time, rather like a clock. The measurments start at where twelve o clock would, and each five minutes are the same as they would be on a standard clock, making up an hour.

I hope these make sense.
Clearly they're frightfully dull looking... I'm hoping to illustrate them much like my previous post, but that's the scary part, because... *whispers* I'm not entirely sure I can draw....


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