Friday, 5 March 2010

3.52, cookie wrapper rustling.

Today I've taken it upon myself to make note of every sound I hear.
It's been a lot harder than I expected... it was easy at first, but as the day progressed I just found myself forgetting to do it! I think I'm 'up to date' now though...

Anyway, I'm not sure quite how this is relevant to the project... I guess I was interested to investigate how much of the day I spend blocking out external noise with headphones, how much of the time I find myself in silence (basically none of the time), and how much obnoxious noise I get subjected to.

Anyway, I constructed some info graphics to represent a few hours today... Firstly, 10-11, secondly, 11-1.

Obviously, I don't mention things like 'breathing', and I decided to leave out foot steps (unless they were particularly distinctive), and doubtless I missed some things, but I tried to make it as accurate as possible.
I think I was just trying to think about visual representations of sound.

Click to full view for details!

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