Thursday, 25 February 2010

Two Books

I think I've finished.
I also think my tutors are going to say that this is a case of style over content, and I suspect they're right. But everyone loves a bit of style, surely? Check out that spine stitching. I am well pleased with that.

You can read my previous post about this project here...
So, these are my newspaper supplements. I'd inititally only intended to make one, but my tutor Martin wanted me to use photographs. I really didn't want to, but I did... and I didn't like it. So in the end, I made another one, the way I want it to be.

Apologies for the quality of the photographs, my SLR ran out of batteries, and I had to use my small camera... for some reason, of late, all the pictures have been coming out really grainy. The pictures don't really do this justice, but I'm going to shower you with them anyway.

Here is the first one, which has photography in it:

And here is the second one, which only incorporates my patterns and illustrations. (Yes, that is a very similar illustration to my Bastions flyer from a couple of weeks back. I needed a cover illustration urgently, and this was ideal, I have edited it and changed it in a few areas though.)

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