Monday, 1 February 2010

Degree show identity.

I'm probably going about this in the wrong way.
Basically, I want to make a pattern. I am determined on this point.
As for a 'concept'... my concept is, I'll work on making an awesome pattern, then shoe-horn in some kind of conceptual idea about why I've done it.
For example, the first one here. (Which ultimately I think would look awesome as a paper cut) It's all about directions, and the boxes represent people. And university is all about going places. And they look a bit like windows. The university has windows. Windows on the WORLD!
Oh dear.

And secondly... Well, many facets. The univesity is made up of many different creatives, who have ultimately come together to make this complex whole form, that is the degree show. Alternatively, this is the most complicated pamphlet in the world.

Both of these ideas need loads of work, but these are just initial sketches.

A couple of other things.

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