Thursday, 4 February 2010


Ok. You may or may not remember, a while back, I designed a logo for the upcoming Brighton student Radio Station, 'Burst Radio'. Here was my post about it.
To remind you, here was the logo I designed for them.

It went quiet, for over a year.
Then today, I opened the student newspaper 'The Pebble'... imagine my horror, when I turned to page 14, to find a feature all about 'Burst Radio', featuring THIS MONSTROSITY:

I don't really know what to do. I mean, I gave it to them, no conditions attached, and so be it. My name isn't attached, so I can't complain that's it's affecting my design reputation.
And is it even that bad? I think it's hideous (as you may be able to tell....) But maybe that's just me being a design snob. I don't know, is it some kind of copyright infringement, or is it just poor etiquette on their part? Am I overreacting? Questions questions questions.

The logo which I designed isn't the best logo ever designed. But what on earth made them think that the best way of improving it would be to add stars, two extra borders and some 1970's throwback typeface?! It looks like a cross between a laundry powder packet and something designed by a 7 year old on word art!

I designed the logo for them, because I think student radio is a really good thing, and I wanted to contribute in some way towards creating a sophisticated modern identity for them. I'm disappointed and frustrated at what they've turned that into.

Do I write a strongly worded e-mail? I've drafted one, which is as polite as can be, offers to design them a new logo (which I will happily do), but quite clearly puts across my disgust.
I shall see how I feel tomorrow.

It seems they are using the logo I designed for them on their twitter feed
But they haven't even bothered to separate the two colourways I originally sent them! I despair, I really do. They managed to find someone with the photoshop SKILLZ to create that Pebble version, yet not someone capable of cutting a simple JPEG in half. Oh dear.

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