Monday, 26 October 2009


The tutors liked my tubes idea more than the text one. Which is annoying because I liked the text and had got quite into it.
Oh well.

I made some new tubes. You'd think you could buy some kind of ready made tube that's approx 1cm in diameter, affordable and easy to cut. Right? No.
So I've spent... I'd say well over 3 hours constructing some more sturdy tubes out of paper. And they don't even look that good! Gah.
Then I've been lighting them up. I've decided I like the idea of the final wall piece being circular - a. because circles are cool, and b. because I can't be bothered making it into a square.

I've been messing around with lights and stuff, and yeah, it does look pretty cool, but I still don't feel like this is degree standard work...

I tried to see if you can read text through it. You can't. Hmm...

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