Saturday, 31 October 2009

Fight the (library) power!

My tutor didn't like my embroidered Metro. I have a lot of pent up rage about that, but we shall not discuss it now. Suffice to say I'm annoyed and disappointed because I was enjoying it.

But on the bright side, it did mean I got to do this.

Basically, it's long been a dream of mine (and some other friends who work at the library) to put the books in spectrum order. Forget the dewey decimal system with all it's complicated numbers and letters... lets go for something simple, visual. Even some of the librarians who saw it said it was an interesting idea, because people do often say things like 'Oh, I don't remember the title, but it was a big yellow book'...

I did feel very wrong whilst doing it though. Basically my whole job at the library consists of bringing order to things, and this act of complete chaos was quite painful, although had beautiful results I think. Here's an actual librarian inspecting our work. I'm pleased to say she liked it :)

It took two of us two hours of speedy working to get it to this stage, and then fully restore order. It was completely worth the effort, I only wish we could do a whole floor!

One slight flaw to the plan is the fact that lots of books (particularly boring history books, which was the section we were in) are very dull colours, either through sun damage or simply dull design, so to do the whole library would be somewhat impractical. And would probably take forever.

I'm so grateful to the library who let me do this, and even more to Hannah, who gave up two hours of her time to help me achieve this! Here she is, restoring order.

I don't know where this is going really, as these pictures alone don't constitute a final piece of any sort, but I'm wondering whether maybe it could lead on to something else. We shall see.

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