Tuesday, 6 January 2009

A PETA project, which I do not want to do.

Because I don't like PETA.
Nothing against animals. I like animals. I hate seeing a racoon skinned alive as much as the next human being. But I really resent their self righteous, over-emotive, accusatory propaganda campaigns.

But yes. This project is about fur. And being anti it.
All past anti fur campaigns that spring to mind seem to involve either gore, naked women, adorable animals with big eyes, or a cunning mixture of the three. I wanted to avoid those cliches, although it's proving difficult. Here's an initial idea.

I tried searching for 'gore' in google, but all I got was Al. In the end I had to hunt for 'exposed muscle'.

Honestly... I'm really pleased with this. I have a funny feeling the tutors won't like it, but meh.
Possibly needs better wording though.

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