Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Hourly comics day 2016!

Yay hourly comic day!

So I've done this for the last couple of years, but this was the first year I've done it on a work day! I managed to not fall too far behind throughout the day (catching up on my lunchbreak and straight after work) which was good.

I'm still not really happy with my style/narrative on these though. I find myself going into hyper observant mode and wanting to note down everything I do, when in actual fact, other, more sucessful hourly comicers do much shorter, much more directed hourlies.

Lesson learnt for next year. Visually I like these a lot more than previous efforts, so that's something!

Made the foolish hourly comic day (and life in general) mistake of staying up past midnight.

Mornings = snooze snooze snooze snooze snooze twitter AWAKE!

Morning routine after getting dressed = cereal, inane phone games, OH GOSH I’M RUNNING LATE leave the house.
Decided to leave my hair down because I thought it would be more fun to draw — maybe, but not more fun to actually live with.

Managed to spend most of the first hour of work being productive without actually doing any design. Got to go out to the co-op for coffee for colleagues and had to queue for ages while the cashier and a customer got really excited about contactless technology, ironically, wasting more time than it’s supposed to save.

You guys. I don’t think I mentioned this on here, but about a year ago a terrifying life-size metal squirrel nutcracker appeared in our house and we got incredibly freaked out because there was no explanation as to where it had come from. We made numerous wild accusations, including at each other, eventually settling on it being Nat, because she failed to deny it vigorously enough.
But clearly, we have Chris Parkinson: “famous poet. Professional troublemaker. Political obsessive. Compulsive liar” and hoax-meister extraordinaire in our lives. Why it didn’t occur to us to accuse him before now we have no idea, but with precise timing, he outed himself as the troll all along.

In other news, my boss is doing a ridiculous cycle through the jungle of Cambodia to raise money for the charity our company works with. I think he is beginning to regret his decision to get involved.

I quite like drawing floor plans as a designer. Brings out the wannabe architect in me, but without the requirement for perfection.

Our most bombastic (and I mean that as a compliment) American colleague, Eric, came to visit. Comedy accents, show tunes, and complete inability to focus on work always abounds when he is in the office.

A colleague bought us maple syrup infused tea bags. I don't normally like tea but these are weirdly good. Everyone else hates them though.

Made some tasty pasties. Of course one of the most important ingredients in any good meal is CLEAN THE KITCHEN AFTER YOU’RE DONE

My evenings are preeeeetty dull. Or at least this one was. Oh well!

Anyway, I enjoyed hourly comic day 2016... I hope to have improved more by 2017!

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