Monday, 1 February 2016

Hi 2016! January.

January feels like it's been looooonnnnnnng.

At the beginning of the month, in the wake of Christmas/Christmas II/New Year, I so thoroughly lost track of time that I messed up taking the pill worse than I ever have done before in my adult life, became briefly convinced (for like, half an hour) I was pregnant, and then just realised that, in fact, I am an idiot (who is definitely *not* responsible enough to be pregnant)

Was helped back into the world of responsible, functioning adulthood, by having a couple of wonderful house guests for 9 days, Willow (@willowbl00) and Mike (@mikeestee).

So I suppose it’s probably time to talk about how much I want a new job. The answer is ‘some’. I love my current job, but Brighton will, one day, break and bankrupt us, and me and Alex have plans to head up North at our earliest convenience. My fairly casual, leisurely search has been ramped up slightly by the new, looming fear that Alex may get made redundant in March. Nothing like a bit of financial precariousness to make you up your game! This was basically me procrasti-motivating myself (is that a thing?) to sort out my CV and portfolio and actually start applying for things. Via the medium of collage. I maybe *didn’t* do it this particular day, but I have now got round to applying for a whole load of exciting Manchester-based things, and am waiting with bated breath for inevitable rejection.

(Are you in Manchester? Or Leeds? Or Sheffield? Do you need a new mid-weight designer? We should talk.)

It’s nice to have a catch up.

As part of the mental process of thinking about leaving Brighton I have been shedding possessions and it feels GREAT. I’ve increasingly realised in recent years that I dislike having too much ‘stuff’ (I know you might not believe it from looking at our house, but remember I live with an Alex…)
Over the last few weeks I’ve been attempting to streamline every area of my possessions with plentiful freecycling and charity shop donations, and I feel so much lighter for it. Moving will be a lot easier and less stressful with less stuff!

I sometimes kid myself I’m getting better at dancing but the reality is, if I can’t see the teacher in the mirror I am LOST.

I could never do him justice.

So I did a tweet what went a bit viral. I’m not sure who set it off, but the whole thing was, frankly, tedious, after the initial enthusiasm... Being famous on Twitter must be so BORING. The inanity and repetitiveness of the comments I got in response to it was, frankly, astounding. I'd like to see some kind of diagram of its spread though.

Did you know Swedish Glace is made by Unilever? Unilever are evil, and I mostly don’t buy their things, but Swedish Glace is by far the best and most widely obtainable vegan ice cream and I’m sad to have to avoid it from here on out.
Fueled by ice-cream sadness, I performed my worst ever dance and felt even sadder.
Then we lost (i.e. failed to save the world) fairly dramatically at Pandemic.
On the bright side, as part of my anti-nest-building, I got rid of some furniture, reorganised my room, and now my bed is symmetrical. Aaaaaaah, restful!

We’ve had a less cold than usual winter, which, living in this house, is a merciful relief, even if I do worry about the wider global implications of it not getting cold enough… Reassuringly, but also depressingly, we did have a few really cold days back there in the end though.

Spent a few more hours with mum scanning in my childhood photos. Some delights.

Perhaps inevitably, got ill. Blegh. January.

Finally found some jeans that fit and look good. Self-esteem/narcissism level up!

Perhaps the first time I’ve ever won at Dead of Winter, and all thanks to absolute hero Kodiak Colby! *swoon*

Coming VERY SOON... February, specifically February 1st, which is hourly comic day 2016!

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