Monday, 4 August 2014


On it goes.

So I can't decide if I'm concerned that the visual diary is becoming a little self indulgent. I know. That's ridiculous, because the whole thing is just one big exercise in self-indulgence. But one thing I decided a while back that I wanted to get out of this (aside from self-reflection) was to get better at drawing people. And much of the time, the only person I have access to is myself (or Alex, but he gets a bit grumpy about being drawn sometimes). So as a result, I'm just drawing me a lot. With varying degrees of success, and varying different styles and levels of realism. It feels a bit vain but I AM much better at drawing legs than I used to be, so I figure that's a worthwhile tradeoff.

Without further ado...

NUDES! Well, sort of. I went to life drawing classes a while ago, but it's quite expensive, and they ended up constantly falling on evenings when I couldn't make it, so I've not been in a while. I should start going again though. In the meantime, next best, me. I've been quite achey recently, probably because I've spent my whole life carrying heavy bags on one shoulder. Oh dear. On the bright side, I understand shadows a lot better than I used to, apparently!

Still can’t draw faces though.

Another thing I’ve been trying to improve is typography. So maybe this is cheating a little, but I’ve decided to start copying (not tracing, just visually referencing) actual typefaces, so that I can improve my lettering, before trying to create my own typefaces. The brilliant Myfonts offers a lovely tool where you can see how a phrase of your choice looks written in any of their typefaces, so I’ve been using that as a reference. Still got a lot of getting better to do though...
This is both a Radiohead tribute and a celebration of a good solid tidy.

This was a fun one. Tweet @youarecarrying with ‘inventory’ and they’ll let you know what you’re carrying in your inventory. For fans of computer games and drawing, the idea is that you then send them over a drawing of you carrying everything in your inventory. Some really lovely illustration from far better artists than me can be seen over there!

Alex asked me to draw a birthday card for our friend Chris. “Can you do Freddy Mercury and a seal trying to solve a rubiks cube?”

When I was little I used to love drawing maps. Haven’t done it in a long time though. Me and Alex went on holiday to Hebden Bridge, and we stayed with Alex’s friends at Nutclough housing co-op. They have the most beautiful, gorgeous, incredible, huge garden, full of ripening fruit and vegetables, quiet places to sit, bee hives, a summer house, and general loveliness. I tried drawing it several times over the previous days but just couldn’t do it justice, so here’s a map instead… and some pictures which Alex took of me walking round the garden to research the map…

Did I mention the weather was BEAUTIFUL?! The weather was beautiful. It was one of the loveliest little holidays I’ve ever had.

Two of the residents of Nutclough where we stayed are Keith and Winston. Keith has had Winston since he was a puppy and Winston’s now very very close to the end of his life. They had the most beautiful friendship. Makes me wish I was in a position to build that kind of friendship with a dog.

YAY TMI alert!
So previous readers might know I’ve got IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). I don’t have a really bad case, but I get the whole array of symptoms (while some people only suffer from specific aspects). I know a few other people who have it, and all of them swear by peppermint oil capsules to ease bloating/cramping. One of them (who shall remain unnamed) warned me that they do give you a touch of the ‘minty bum’ (you know how your mouth feels when you suck a strong mint? Imagine that in your bum). But on a particularly bad day I decided to give them a try and THAT’S NEVER HAPPENING AGAIN.
Because I’m a crippled wreck of digestive anxiety I also suffer from emetophobia (a phobia of vomiting), and started freaking out when, after taking the capsule, I started burping mint. Sounds fun? Sounds fresh? Mint STINGS. Imagine the worst heartburn, and every time you burp it’s like burning toothpaste. I became terrified I was going to have to do a minty sick and nearly had a panic attack at work. AND I had minty bum later. AND I didn’t even feel better. No thanks. (Disclaimer: if you have IBS you should probably still try them, as so many people do swear by them!)

I know I usually maintain a facade of dignified, Dita-von-Teese-esque glamour and sexiness, but [spoiler alert], when the weather gets warm I sometimes just slouch around with my skirt rolled up over my pudgy tummy to try and stop my legs from getting so hot.

Don't like storms.

Bought myself this ridiculous blouse. It's not entirely flattering but it's SO COOL (as in, temperature wise) and kind of weird enough to make me happy. (I don't like blouses normally)

Aforementioned Chris is married to Anna, who also has her birthday in July. “You can’t do a card for Chris and not Anna. Do some kind of celebratory cuttlefish”
(Alex thinks we should go into business making very specific greetings cards…)

More hand type, stating the obvious. (not that I’m complaining. Give me too hot over too cold any day!)

Some days you just lose faith in yourself a bit. #selfpity

And then you successfully cook an amazing Vegan Full English breakfast for people you love and feel a bit better about everything. 

Well go and watch your own telly Mr. Judgeyface, OH WAIT YOU DON’T HAVE ONE


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