Sunday, 31 August 2014


I got a new black posca pen at the beginning of this month and have been using it a LOT. Sorry for the dominance of black pen. Will try for more colour in future...

The answer is very hard, if you want to go to Essen specifically when the world's biggest boardgaming convention SPIEL! is on, this October. I'll be honest, I'm mostly just in this holiday for my love of German trains (especially this one), but my partner Alex is a boardgame obsessive and this is very exciting for him. (We didn't manage to find anywhere to stay in the end, so we're going to be in hour-away Cologne, which is much nicer anyway)

Yay for PEOPLE FROM THE INTERNET! I think me and Cal first stumbled across each other back when I was using OkCupid, but neither of us have ever acknowledged this fact out loud, so let’s just say we met on Twitter, hm? Anyway, Cal is currently in the process of launching a super awesome new magazine called SIXTEENBYNINE.
It’s a magazine about television and it’s everything the Radio Times is not. There’s nothing else like it out there, and I’m pretty excited to have been involved, as a design consultant of sorts.
And sorry guys, but you just missed the Kickstarter.
So you’re just going to have to wait for it on a news-stand near you!

Seriously you guys. Try and avoid this at all costs unless you enjoy really really unsexy pain.

New passport time. The sternest face. (Incidentally, has anyone else had a new passport recently? They are SO bling. Like, admirably so. Maximalism in graphic design at it's finest.)

There are an upsetting number of snails in our garden at the moment and I’m at a bit of a loss as to how to deal with them. In a mad rage I flung about 30 in random directions before realising that if any neighbours could see me they’d probably think I was mad (and be quite cross with me for throwing them into their gardens). I miss having Mildred chicken who would happily eat them for us.

My first ever piece of fan art? We went to see Guardians of the Galaxy at the cinema and I begrudgingly quite enjoyed it.

Mum came to visit. This is a remarkably accurate depiction of how we look.

This is a fairly terrible drawing, but if I know you and you have an undercut (or shaved head) you want trimming, just come over. I’ve ended up doing a few recently, and haven’t messed up any, yet… I accept payment in chocolate, miscellaneous favours or kind words. *brandishes clippers*

Nearly had a panic attack on the blood chair for no good reason.

Work is stressful over July and August. I work for a group of international colleges, and we produce our brochures to a strict deadline of August 28th, at which point, all my awesome sales colleagues from around the world come to Brighton and we have a big meeting during which me and my design colleagues DRAMATICALLY UNVEIL all the awesome work we’ve been doing, get lots of applause, and then everyone goes out and eats loads of food and gets drunk. (Oh, and there’s some sales numbers chat too but that’s not my area of expertise.)
At this point in the month I am typically FREAKING OUT quietly and wondering how we’re ever going to get everything done (even though we manage it every single year)

The new Mono/Poly album (Golden Skies) is SO GOOD. You can feel it right down to your bones. It's not on Spotify yet, but here's a track...

Oh Henry. You're so dreamy.

Household appliance karma means that my joy about Henry had to be levelled out by coming into the kitchen and realising that water is seeping up between all the gaps in the poorly laid laminate flooring because our poor sad old washing machine has sprung a leak. ADULTHOOD.

Day before aforementioned work meeting in which I collaboratively assemble 37 super awesome gift bags… And because someone ordered the wrong size of gift bags, we had to hand-cut them down to size and re-punch the holes and re-thread the strings and each one is hand-burnished (MY HAND) with bespoke gold letraset transfers on each side, and an individual gift tag for each attendee. It’s all fun and I’m not complaining but TIRING.

Day of aforementioned work meeting in which I bask in praise and eat SO MUCH CHEESE that all I can express at the end of the day is this fairly terrible drawing of cheese.

And with the big deadline over and done with, my brain can finally get back to all the other day-to-day anxieties and worries that it hasn’t had time to focus on. GOOD-O!

So two years ago at the work meeting a remarkably similar tale to this year unfolded, except with cold meats. I ate about 100 slices of salami and made myself so ill and disgusted myself so much that I decided it was finally time to go vegetarian permanently. And so I have. This year, cheesy over-indulgence has pushed me to finally commit to the vegan life I’ve been tentatively pacing around for the last couple of years. Let’s see how long this will last…

Overcame my first major temptation yesterday by attending a friend's birthday party at Day's All-You-Can-Eat Chinese buffet and managed to avoid any animal based treats (I hope...)
I was sat opposite a devout meat-eater I'd never met before who became progressively more disgusted as she found out that I was a) vegan, b) tee-total, and c) WASN'T HAVING ANY DESSERT.

I'm some kind of monster.

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