Wednesday, 3 April 2013


More visual diary. I'm still going!

This was properly tasty. Free lunch from work! We went to The Hove Kitchen (highly recommended, by the way...) This is what it actually looked like. Beautiful.

This is my window.

Mum tried to teach me to knit. I did a very very small bit then got bored and frustrated.

Mildred is a wonderful wonderful chicken.

First ever session of CBT for my emetophobia. I don't want to be scared any more.

YAAY! Too much information! (Seriously though ladies, go to your smear test appointments. It's important.)
(Said to Alex "Do you think this is a bit too indecent to go on the internet?" "Have you SEEN some of the things on the internet?!")

This was good. Sound patterns.

Sad face.

Got a lovely new handbag. It didn't work out between us though. I carry too much stuff! :(

Alex spent all day playing Sim City. I've designed my own dream city. No cars! Just bikes and trains! A beach and a river! It'll be great.

One of those days at work. It all worked out though.

I am SPECIAL. (O-)

Alex has been listening to way too much tedious middle aged man music. I will never enjoy Neil Young. Dennis Wilson is cool though. (Fun fact, Alex insists on keeping this album propped up, so Dennis Wilson is always watching us.)

I had a ridiculously lovely day with these guys.

Did lots of small things and couldn't decide what to focus on. In the spirit of my senior designer at work, did some icons. Also forgot how to draw a number 25.

FOOD BABY. This is kind of horrible. But I ate loads of delicious food because it was MY BIRTHDAAAAY!

It was actually quite a nice day.

Alex's last day of work. I cooked some amaaaazing fried rice for him and Jake.

Another computer game inspired one. We played THE CAVE so I designed an awesome cave.

I don't actually know what a cylon looks like and I was too lazy to look it up.

More in April!

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