Tuesday, 30 April 2013

April adventures

Visual diary continues! Here are a few of my favourites from April.

It's been a fun sort of month. This day was not fun though! My housemates/BFFs Alex and David were both off work and they went and had a fun adventure day together which I missed out on. Boo!

Went to a slightly pretentious lecture. It was pretty good, but I possibly enjoyed doing this drawing of the room a bit too much.

And the next day, the oven broke as well! GARGH!

Got stressed all morning trying to do some tricky design layouts, but everything felt better when I went for a ridiculously hefty lunch at Day's all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurant for a friend's birthday.

This one's not very good. But MILDRED! She's such a meddler when you're trying to garden, but I do love her.

Parsley, man. I just don't get it.

I like this one. It was a nice day.

Tried to draw some friends. None of them really look like them, but they do look like people, which is a start. Matthew, Justin, David, Alex and Martin.

Not sure about this one. I like the colours though. (And my super tasty dinner was GREAT)

A dog! A dog in my chair! It was so lovely to dog sit for the day. Always makes me a bit dog broody. The felt pens look a bit rubbish in this one though.

Mondays are like that sometimes.


Seriously - this is one of my favourite albums ever. I might do a blog about it soon. It's THAT GOOD. I went on a bit of an adventurous cycle home from work in order to get this, totally worth it.

Got pretty excited about this coat, although now that I think about it, maybe beige really isn't my colour.

GRUMP GRUMP GRUMP! I'm sorry, but charging us £180 a year just to 'renew the tenancy agreement' is complete nonsense. It's like one photocopy, and then getting US to come out of our way and sign it. WE should be charging THEM for the hassle. I am going to fight this. Or maybe I'll just be grumpy about it and pay up. But hey, if your letting agent is Austin Rees and you've got to pay these fees and you're pissed off about it too, let's make some signs like this and go stand outside their office on our lunchbreaks! It'll be GREAT FUN. (I was so grumpy I got the typography in the wrong order. GRUMP!)

AHHH yeaaaah, first barbecue of the year! It was such a gorgeous day for it, and our friends garden in Lewes was beautiful. Here's the slightly blurry photo this drawing was based on...

Well this is probably the first time I've tried to draw myself at this level of detail since about GCSE age. It doesn't look much like me, but I'm still moderately pleased with it. I started doing this drawing feeling a bit ugly, and to be honest, I still felt pretty ugly at the end, but somehow the drawing pleases me.

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