Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Happiness, symbolised

Same old same old, that bit where I say 'sorry for not doing a blog' 'I've honestly been really busy!' etc etc.
Enough of that. Although I am sorry. And I have been really busy.

Anyway, today at work I was tasked with designing some small icons for a brochure. The icons needed to symbolise things like 'food and drink', 'excursions', and, most difficult: 'fun'.

Well as me and my senior designer agreed, fun means different things to different people. So I decided to ask the Twitter hivemind that is my 400-odd (very odd, sometimes...) followers...

I got various responses...
"those party tooter things that unroll when you blow them"
"a smiley face? a party hat? a small man jumping for joy?"
"kids laughing?"

And then Tom Robinson suggested "A GLOWING MULTICOLOURED ORB"

I liked this. Abstract. And most definitely fun.
However, my icons were to be limited to one colour, which I pointed out.

"Bah. How about a saxophone with cakes pouring out of it?"

Now I'll be honest... That's not something easily iconable. But it's definitely something that needed drawing. Because I genuinely have nothing better to do with my evenings this week.

And in case you were interested... This is my final icon representation of 'fun'. He is having SO much fun. I really hope we actually use him.

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