Thursday, 14 April 2011


Oh dear oh dear, long time no blog!
I have a whole combination of dreadful excuses which I'm not going to bore you with, because it doesn't matter. I'm back now.

A bit of an unusual blog for me, as I don't actually have any of my own images to show you. Well, not still images anyway. Last weekend I had the pleasure of making a short amateur documentary of a photoshoot at Stanmer Park, Brighton.

Two of my colleagues - James and Wayne - also run a wedding photography company, Horse and Carriage. While the vast majority of their work is wedding based, they also get the occasional non-wedding shoot, like this one.
The mission was to photograph the band Woodville - Louie and Charly - for their upcoming album cover, plus some general promotional shots.

The shoot had been very thoroughly planned by Art Director James, but could still have ended badly were it not for the beautiful weather we were blessed with on the day.

I'll let me video tell the rest of the story... suffice to say it was a really interesting process to be involved with. Well, I say involved... all I really did was creep around the shadows filming goings on, although I did also serve the purpose of test subject in some initial lighting test shots, along with James...

I really enjoy making short films like this, although still have a lot to learn, especially with regards not wobbling the camera around... oh well :)

Woodville Photoshoot from Emma Charleston on Vimeo.

(I'd recommend watching it on Vimeo, rather than the embedded version - it's a bit bigger)

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