Monday, 6 September 2010

Yeah, I totally just made my first ever animated GIF.

THE WORLD (of animated GIF files) IS MY OYSTER!
I'm in the process of ploughing through my massive photoshop book. Despite claiming myself to be proficient at photoshop, I'm aware that there's much more of it that I DON'T know than that which I DO know. And until today, that included the fine and technical art of creating animated GIF files.

I've realised too that this blog is basically going to turn into a chronicle of me hunting for a job. Today, I applied for TWO jobs, one for a lovely looking design agency in Brighton who will doubtless have had thousands of applications, and another for an iPhone app design job in London, which I probably don't have enough experience for, but am hoping to charm them. Perhaps.

So yeah, if you're reading this, and you'd like to offer me a job... well, y'know... get in contact. That would be really nice. Thanks. I can draw stuff, do neat typography, be jolly on a daily basis, write very limited html, make animated GIFs, and... surely you've heard enough by now, right? Right?

(seriously though... I promise I'll be awesome.)

I made another one. It's not very good, but I have limited resources. Me, running and up and down my stairs, into infinity. I'll do some slightly more intelligent ones soon.

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Anonymous said...

Is it easy to make these? I would love to try and make one with some of my photos sometime. Fancy scribing or pointing me in the direction of a how to guide?