Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The (wonderful) World of Interiors

Well, little bit of a life update... for the next month, I'm interning with The World of Interiors magazine.
I'm with the art department, which is all about design and layout and suchlike. (I know, I know, you know that already).

So far I'm very much enjoying it. At this stage in my life I'm really trying to get experience in as many areas of graphic design as possible, and having spent a week with Someone (master branding experts), Crush (book jackets, stunning image creation/illustration), RDF (iphone app design), I'm now getting my dose of editorial design.
I suppose I'm trying to narrow it down to see which area I might like to specialise in, but honestly... I've really enjoyed them all, and it would be difficult to pick a favourite!

And yes, the magazine work is no exception in terms of enjoyment. It's so fascinating to see how the magazine is constructed... I'm joining them at the beginning of the December issue, and the very end of the November issue, so I'm currently getting to see both ends of the production process - the finishing touches and the beginning steps of new features.

And despite having little prior knowledge of current trends in interior design, it is certainly an area of interest to me, and I'm seeing some really lovely things, both in interior design, as well as graphic design and illustration.

Talking of lovely... that's what their office is. We're in the Conde Nast publishing building - the same building as Vogue, Tatler, GQ, Wired and several others. Feeling some pressure to make a bit more effort in how I dress, so many very stylish people about the place!

I love that calender. And the donkey.

And completely unrelated, here's a sneaky screen shot tease. This is nothing to do with World of Interiors. All will be revealed at a later date.

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