Friday, 9 April 2010

A creative interpretation of the word 'crop'...

More ponderings on our new brief, which I was previously discussing here...
I was thinking about maps then, and I still am now, but in a different way. The quote 'he was walking around in circles' inspired me quite a lot, mainly because it's something I do a lot in my life, quite literally. I try and walk places as much as possible, and actively enjoy it - sometimes so much so that if I reach my destination and am in no rush, I'll walk round the block, or divert my route so as to make it longer.
And I often go out walking with no destination or intention... I just walk and walk as far as my little legs will carry me. And I do lots of my thinking while I walk... if I'm troubled or unhappy, if I'm working on a new project, planning for the future... most of my important thinking gets done while I walk places.

Anyway, logically these walks are always circular, because ultimately I need to get home. There are some routes that I favour more than others, and I decided to interpret these 'circular' walks visually.
Something of an experiment in mapping/info graphics for me.

So what I've done is taken a route, drawn it on the map, then turned the outline of that route into an actual circle, and filled in the streets in between. So it turns my 'circular walks' into quite literal circles.
I'm not sure what the meaning or logic behind doing this is, other than I think these circular maps represent quite nicely my little day to day strollings, and as they're quite cryptic, they could also represent thoughts and ideas.
And yeah, I'm basically just talking nonsense now, so here they are :)

Route 1

Route 2

Route 3

I started off with these quite short routes, but I intend to do some longer ones, which will be more elaborate, obviously, as there will be more streets in between.
And yes... the project specified that we were to crop images. I'm aware that this is quite a creative interpretation of the word crop... The idea is that I would draw three maps in this style, and then take 20 different circular walks from each one... and each one of those circles would be a crop. Kind of... :)
I've done a test drawing anyway, by tracing over an enlarged photocopy of a street map. Here's a not very good photo of me holding it up to the built in camera on my mac.


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