Thursday, 5 February 2009

Valgus, Varus, Kyphosis.

I love Latin names.
I've been asked to do some diagrams for a medical video for Brighton uni.
I'm getting paid for these, which excited me greatly at first, although I've since been informed by my tutors that I've asked far too little, and really deserve a lot more for them. Still, a lesson learnt for future times, and to be honest, £40 for the lot isn't to be frowned at.

Basically, here are slouching and knock knees.
They may still have more work done on the, but considering they were going to use this paint monstrosity, I think pretty much anything I turn out will be better.

(Is that over confident?)

There's no text on them because the woman who's making the video wants to add that later. If you care, the first diagram is normal and kyphosis, the second diagram is... I dunno what the technical term is, but... wonky spine? And the third one is Varus, normal, and Valgus.


Pete Dungey said...

Emma I am here to inform you that 'wonky spine' is definately not the technical term.

Idiopathic Scoliosis is the latin name, a condition that I myself suffer from, it is not to be taken lightly. Ha.

Best Wishes

lonely_orange said...

Oh dear, well that's a lesson learnt, I hope you've appreciated my drawing nonetheless!
Strangely enough since doing these drawings another two people have told me they suffer from these conditions. I literally know nothing about them other than the pictures I was given...