Thursday, 12 February 2009

I think this project may cause nausea and seizures.

Producing some album artwork for Steve Reich's 'Early works'. Taken from Wikipedia, about the first track on the album 'come out':
"Reich used the voice of Daniel Hamm, at the beginning of the piece, he says: "I had to, like, open the bruise up and let some of the bruise blood come out to show them" (alluding to how Hamm had punctured a bruise on his own body to convince police that he had been beaten). Reich re-recorded the fragment "come out to show them" on two channels, which initially play in unison. They quickly slip out of sync to produce a phase shifting effect, characteristic of Reich's early works. Gradually, the discrepancy widens and becomes a reverberation and, later, almost a canon. The two voices then split into four, looped continuously, then eight, until the actual words are unintelligible. The listener is left with only the rhythmic and tonal patterns of the spoken words."

I'm interested in how the visual effect of moire is in many ways similar to the audio effects of Reich music, patterns shifting in and out of focus, and creating interesting, and sometimes quite difficult to look at/listen to.
Influenced quite blatantly by the soulwax artwork, which I've always thought was genius. Obviously that is a lot more subtle and amazing, and I wish it hadn't been done already, so I could do it first...

But boy does producing these things cause some nausea in me. I don't know how Bridget Riley coped.

This is a very rough version of an idea which will be perfected later if they like it in the crit tomorrow.
Update: below is another version... Rough, as I said, needs polishing round the edges.

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