Tuesday, 9 December 2008

A Year of Brighton

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So... this is quite poignant to me... I'm not sure how strong it is as a piece of work, but it's an idea for a new project, which involves making a batch of limited edition books around a subject of our choice.

I've been living here in Brighton for a year now, I've been through so much, it feels like forever, but it's been an amazing time, and I'm really looking forwards to another year.

I've decided I might like to produce a book entitled something like 'a year in brighton', based around a set of photographs, one per month.

Although I've not been submitting much, I've still been taking pictures, a lot, and looking back through them brings back such strong memories. Even though these images may mean much less to the onlooker, I still really hope they express a feeling, and a mood, which sums up that month in the best way possible.

The months run as follows:

September October November
December January February
March April May
June July August

Enjoy, I hope.

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