Friday, 26 December 2008

Christmas thinkings.

Some christmas baubles.
For our brief, what does christmas mean to you?
Christmas for me is memories, but I'm afraid that for the last couple of years, my christmas has consisted of memories from the past, and disappointment that the present no longer lives up to those. (Haha, present, no pun intended...)
So this is all about creating new memories. Not memories of sparkle and childhood delight, but new memories, of cloudy windows, dark nights, memories every bit as poignant as the ones I formed as a child, but more realistic, more easy to attain,
This is about throwing out the childhood decorations of tinsel angles, halos, glittery bits of paper... and creating some new, more sophisticated decorations.
The decorations are a metaphor for my memories.
Oh dear, that does rather sound like a load of pretentious nonsense.

The colours in a couple of the images look really strange on the laptop I've uploaded them on... I really hope it's just a badly calibrated monitor and not something I've done wrong in saving them...