Thursday, 31 May 2018


Okay, so Eurovision this year happened on the precise day I got back from my three week adventure to the USA. I arrived home mid afternoon having not slept for precisely 24 hours, thoroughly discombobulated.

I took a short nap and then proceeded to do some utterly terrible drawings of each act, as has been my way for the last few years now... Honestly I liked to think I was getting a bit better with each successive year, but this year felt like a massive drop off in quality, but tbh I feel I have an excuse.

The ‘draw along with Eurovision’ thing is something a fair few artists I know do. It’s a fun challenge in capturing likenesses (which I am terrible at) and generally trying to convey some of the mood/tone of whatever ridiculousness is rapidly unfolding in front of you on screen (with a three minute time limit of course!)

All this makes for a good drawing exercise/test, if also a pretty exhausting one.

Here they are in the name of posterity anyway, if you're into that kind of nonsense/would like to relive the magic moments through the form of incredibly basic jetlagged biro drawings...

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