Friday, 3 February 2017

Hourly comics day 2017!

HOURLY COMIC DAY! Every year it totally sneaks up on me, and this year was no exception. Last year I thought about things a bit before I started and tried to keep some kind of consistent style throughout, but this one is not particularly well drawn. Although I did make an effort to try and vary panel sizes and layouts a bit throughout. Kind of a nice/interesting time to do it really, while life is still a bit weird and upside down.

I woke up earlier than I would have liked. As mentioned in my previous blog, we've just moved house, and I'm off work for a couple of weeks. I'm making the most of that time to catch up on missed sleep, and organise the house. Unfortunately those two were at odds on Wednesday morning, with an early washing machine delivery.

Basically if I'm waiting for someone to knock on the door with a delivery, I will need to poop. It's a biological certainty. The washing machine didn't arrive between 8 and 9.

The washing machine didn't arrive between 9 and 10 either. Alex came to join me. Took a tedious phonecall with our new gas/leccie supplier while looking at my lovely new view.

The washing machine delivery guys missed their timeslot by like 3 minutes, but made up for it by installing the machine distressingly efficiently.

My main plan for the day was to find the nearest big supermarket, walk to it, and buy some bits. But leaving the house proved harder than expected.

Got drawn into a repeated argument about whether it's okay to stack a microwave on top of a fridge. NOPE, right guys?

One of the only bad things about this house is the bathroom. The toilet flush is rubbish and takes forever to refill, and the sealant around the bath is all cracked. There's no shower, but even just having a bath or using the shower attachment sitting down means water gets on it, and it's leaking. The landlord has refused to fix it on the basis that he never had a problem when he lived here. This is stressful. I hate stressful letting agent phonecalls. He has, however, said that we can fix it ourselves, which is all fine and dandy apart from the fact that doing bath sealant is one of my most stressful household DIY jobs there is IMO, and I am dreading it.

Turns out, the walk to Todmorden is LONG. Well, long enough that I'm unlikely to just pop over there for groceries. Still, we got there eventually and had a look at some furniture and the market.

Alex's feet were hurting too much, so they got the bus home. I headed on to Morrisons. Not being paid by Morrisons to say this but EVERYTHING IS SO CHEAP (maybe it's because we're up North). I bought way too much to carry because I got over excited. Fairly disappointing vegan options but that's hardly surprising. Huge section devoted to Yorkshire puddings.
Got the train home because it's actually cheaper than the bus, but has the disadvantage of dropping you at the bottom of the valley when our house is quite a long way towards the top.

There are 95 incredibly steep steps from Hebden's high street to our house, interspersed with hills and then another nice long hill at the top just to round things out. I'm either going to get very fit or have a heart attack.

I bought a TV aerial at the market. We've never really had a TV for the whole house, as we don't tend to watch stuff communally... But I like to watch nonsense like Location Location Location, Celebrity Antiques Road Trip (it's so bad, why do I keep watching?) and 24 hours in A&E while I draw, so I've always had a small TV in my room. This house doesn't have a cable running in, so I bought this cheap aerial, super dubious that it would even work, I mean it's just some flimsy wires on a plastic frame...

But MAGIC (or science), it does, am delighted. And new local news! We're in 'Look North' now! No more racist BBC South East!

Made some noodly dinner and it was pretty good, but I had a bit of a tummy ache that wasn't really going away. Spent loads of money on new Ikea furniture...

Not sure what the tummy ache is all about. Eaten something bad? Anxiety knotting? Could different tap water be making me feel all weird?

Stayed up fairly late hoping my tummy ache would go away, but it really didn't. I started feeling super ill and miserable and felt like the only thing that would make me feel better would be a nice hot shower BUT WE DON'T HAVE A FUNCTIONING SHOWER and the alternative is a miserable sitting down bath thing and I hate it. I was so sad and so crampy and ill feeling that I had to get Alex to come and give me moral support while I shivered and moaned, and then I went to bed sad, THE END

(Don't worry everyone. We're doing okay up here. Apart from those minor house teething issues, having spent ALL OUR MONEY on furniture and a fair bit of rain, we're having a nice time and slowly getting settled.)

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