Tuesday, 11 October 2016


I recently had the pleasure of creating a set of illustrations for a series of blogs by climate change charity 10:10 about ways to make a small difference in your day-to-day life.

Or as they put it, become UNSTOPPABLE, which is a hyperbole I can definitely get behind.

On the homepage of their website right now, there's a big option to sign up for a series of emails which will basically send one of the ten tips to your inbox every morning for 10 days. What better way to start the day? :)

Or if you don't want to sign up for that, you can read their tips here. I've also put my illustrations below...

(Or, if your house is basically one big draught like mine, maybe even more would be a good idea)

(TIL while doing this illustration... LEDs don't look like this any more...)

(Thankfully my local MP right now is Caroline Lucas who is basically a superhero, but I am thoroughly looking forwards to writing many lengthy letters about this and countless other issues to the Tory MP where we're moving in Yorkshire. I hope he's ready for all the pent up Tory rage I've had no one to meaningfully write to about for the last 5 years.)

(We've already got tinfoil behind every radiator but possibly I might be better off wrapping myself in it during the upcoming winter months [is shivering already])

(Let me talk to you about climate change and how it's real and terrifying.)

(Let's stand on Brighton beach holding hands and looking out at the Rampion Wind farm with joy in our hearts.)

(Community energy projects are an amazing way to take back control and make a difference and I very much hope I'll have the means to get involved with one at some point before too long.)

(This might be my favourite illustration and one of the things on this list I can most enthusiastically endorse, because I love food.)

[Avoids eye contact with beloved bike sitting in the hallway out of action with a seemingly unfixable puncture that I've been too tight to take to the shop and get fixed]

(I like to think that doing these illustrations counts in some small way as helping others, but if you'd like me to cook you a seasonal vegetable meal and bring it over to your house to eat while we shove tinfoil behind all your radiators, please just shout because I am so down for that.)

It's been a joy to work with 10:10, and just as a reminder, I'm currently accepting other freelance commissions for illustration or graphic design work, so if you think there's anything in those areas I might be able to help you with, please do drop me a line!

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