Thursday, 31 March 2016

Queen rumbles on

I mentioned previously that I've been illustrating my partner's blog in which they are reviewing every single Queen song in chronological order.

It is a ridiculous project and I still hate Queen, but have become oddly attached to the idea that I must do every song... When the project started I'd happily have handed over as many as I could to guest illustrators, but now I feel compelled to do every single one myself. An irrational and entirely pointless sense of achievement awaits me at the end of this mammoth project.

Anyway, we're onto the fifth album now, so things are going along nicely. Here are a random few of my favourites.

You Take My Breath Away

God Save The Queen

Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy

In the Lap of The Gods

In the Lap of The Gods Revisited


Lily of the Valley

Somebody to Love

Love of My Life (which is a drawing of Alex because I'm clearly a soppy fool)

Stone Cold Crazy

She Makes Me (Stormtrooper in Stilettos)

White Queen (As it Began)

Flick of the Wrist

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