Friday, 11 December 2015

A ridiculous Queen side project

My partner Alex loves Queen. Very much. I hate Queen. I know hate is a strong word but I really struggle to summon up anything other than fairly intense dislike towards their music, even if I have admiration for Freddy Mercury and respect for the status they achieved.

At some point, I don't recall why, it was suggested to Alex that they should take on a new Unstruck style blog project, but instead of answering a question a day in 500 words, they write a 500-word review of EVERY SINGLE QUEEN SONG, at a rate of an album a month. That's 16 albums worth.

I found the whole idea so hilarious and ridiculous that, despite my dislike of Queen I somewhat rashly agreed to illustrate every single entry. Yes, 16 albums worth of songs.

This means, for me, anywhere between 10 – 20 illustrations a month. After getting over the initial intense regret at committing to such an endeavour, I set to, with much the same spirit that I used to work on unstruck (see here and here for some examples), namely:

1) Isn't it nice to work on a project with my beloved
2) But also I'm totally not going to stress out and worry about these being any good, or even at all good
3) I'm also probably not going to spend more than half an hour (and often much less) on each one
4) This is a really good way of trying to think about things in a different way, and challenge myself to try new illustrative styles

As I know very little about Queen and their songs, and have little desire to find out, all of these illustrations are going to be ridiculously literal. Many of them will be terrible. Here are a few from the first month, and you can read Alex's accompanying thoughts here.

(And if you love this whole project, you can back the Patreon here — some ridiculous people already have. If it hits a certain amount, some of the loose change might even filter down to me!)

Doing all right

Keep yourself alive

Modern Times Rock n' Roll

Great King Rat

The Night Comes Down

Seven Seas of Rhye...

Son and Daughter

The blog header.

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